Father's Day 2021 - what the media said

Bell Mooney writes in The Daily Mail on Saturday 19th June 2021 celebrates fatherhood:

"When a marriage breaks up, the law is usually on the side of the mother and it's not always fair. Over the years, in my role as an advice columnist, I have received many sad, angry and bitter letters from men whose access to their children is cruelly limited and who live in a state of permanent grief. Families Need Fathers is the lobbying and support organisation set up in 1974 to help these dads and its motto is beautifully simple: 'Both parents matter.' That is all I want to emphasise: it's a fortunate child who grows up with the benefit of good fathering as well as good mothering." You can read the whole article here.

 The Sun's Dear Deidre today (21st June 2021) reports a dad missing his daughter:

The story, under the headline 'Father’s Day without my daughter will be so hard after her mum took her away' reports on a child abducted to Poland three years ago and how 'parental alienation is an international disgrace'. The story can be found here. If you are having similar problems or know someone who is, do contact FNF on our Helpline 0300 0300 363 or join one of our support meetings to get help at the earliest opportunity.

The Mail on Sunday today (21st June 2021) reports on a nursery earasing Father's Day:

The article under the heading "Furious mother blasts nursery for teaching her toddler, three, that 'men don't matter' after they renamed 'Father's Day' as 'Special's Day'"

You can read the story here.





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