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Indirect Contact Survey

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Survey Closes 30th September


A big thank-you to all who have responded! We’ve had over 100 responses to this survey, but we’d love to get that figure up. The more replies we receive, the greater weight our findings will carry. It is a fairly short survey (5-10 minutes) focused on parents who had Child Arrangement Orders (contact orders) for indirect contact i.e. for writing and receiving of letters, cards and gifts, phone calls, Skype calls, emails, etc, only. There is little evidence as to whether such orders lead to anything positive or whether they are complied with. The survey will help us to provide feedback to you, family justice professionals and the media.

Please also see the legal blog Pink Tape from some time ago:

Your help in this would be much appreciated.

The survey may be found here.

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  • A couple of weeks ago a 'guest blog' by, self styled 'feminist' barrister Charlotte Proudman was posted on the Transparency Project's Website. Her comments follow on from her appearance alongside FNF on the Victoria Derbyshire Show on 15th May 2019 when she said that Parental Alienation "really turns my stomach", the existence of which she questioned. Child Protection Resource website published our response to the Family Inquiry Panel and the feelings and dogma that are being promoted in this discussion. Please support us by sharing and liking our posts, following us, becoming a member, registering for free or making a donation.
  • You will have your own views as to why public and private law cases are going up. We will try to investigate the most promising suggestions and share them with the judiciary. More details on the review will follow separately. Please support us by becoming a member, sharing and liking our posts, registering for free or making a donation.
  • Following a powerful lobby by women's rights activists, the Ministry of Justice announced a panel of representatives to review the way that family justice system does or does not protect people from the risk of domestic abuse. Naturally the recommendations will affect mothers, fathers and their children. It will affect victims and perpetrators of abuse. They will also affect the innocent and people who are victims of false allegations. We want people to be safe, but it is hard to see how the Government came to the conclusion that their reviewing panel of 10 women and one man is fair, but they did. It includes women's representatives, but none from men's or fathers organisations. Please read our Newsletter on this and ask you MP to make representations to the Minister.
  • University College London research by Dr John Barry supports the comments here that men treasure their responsibility as fathers above all else. Research also supports the fact that shared parenting after separation improves welfare outcomes for children. We support a rebuttal presumption of joint parenting time. Not a recent article, but still relevant and supported by growing evidence. To support us please follow us, share and like our posts, become a member, register for free or make a donation.
  • We previously reported on this tragic case where a child was killed by his mother. The Serious Case Review (SCR) has now been published. Explanations offered include "spousal revenge intended as a mechanism to hurt her ex-partner" and that "could be supported by the death having occurred on Father's Day". One of the recommendations of the SCR is 'That KSCB and the Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse Executive Group develop an increased understanding of the needs of men as victims of domestic abuse and what this means about the nature of services that should be provided for them.' The case demonstrates that it is wrong to treat these horrendous cases in the gendered way they often are e.g. on the Victoria Derbyshire Show on 15th May 2019 with selective sampling of SCRs. Please support us by sharing and liking our posts, following us, becoming a member, registering for free or making a donation.

FNF HSSF Kite Mark Award

Families Need Fathers has been awarded the Help and Support for Separated Families Kite Mark which is a new UK government accreditation scheme for organisations offering help to separated families.

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