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FNF BASS Setting Up An Email Distribution List

Branch Hosts want to be able to send emails to all the attendees for their branch. FNF also has to remain GDPR compliant.  Acymailing allows emails to be sent to distribution lists under certain conditions.

To set up a distribution list you first need to ensure there's an FNF email account with a mailbox that Joomla can access to fetch emails for distribution.  You will need the email address and password of the branch email account.

Got to Acymailing and select Lists.  Then select the "Distribution Lists" menu item.

Click New and fill in the details of the MAIN INFORMATION section with the name of the distribution list (Branch Name is preferred), set the Frequency to 15 minutes if not already selected and make sure the list is enabled.

Next enter the email account information as shown, replacing the Username and Password with the ones for the branch:

Set the conditions for accepting emails as shown below.  For the subject line use the "New Email Code" tool on the left of your screen to generate a random subject, then add ": " to the end of the code for the subject line.

Next set up the Actions on accepting an email.  The email should be forwarded to the branch mailing list using the "FNF Branch List Template".  The senders from address and reply to address will ensure replies are sent to the originator, not to FNF head office!

Press "Test" to check the email account details are correct then save the Distribution List.

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  • Good to see Esther Rantzen redressing the balance. We should not be tarring all men with the same brush or assuming that all or even most women are relative angels. Power can be abused. In family courts it often is. Stereotyping is unhelpful to finding solutions for separated parents - it creates the conditions of such abuse to the detriment of the children, their dads and, in the final analysis, mums too. To support FNF please like this, share it, follow us, register for free, make a donation or become a member.
  • A leave to remove case that has gone terribly wrong and the child has been abducted. There is risk of harm if identified and almost certain harm from losing a father. Furthermore, it seems unlikely appeasement will work and doing nothing will certainly not deter others from such damaging action. Please support FNF by liking this post, sharing it, following us, registering for free on our website, making a donation or becoming a member.
  • A Whitehall source said that Rudd wanted “universal credit to receive a fresh parliamentary mandate and be personally sure the system is working in the interests of every claimant”. Let's hope that the "every claimant" bit means that they will ensure that Universal Credit takes into account Child Maintenance payments made by those in receipt of state benefits. Too many are now asked to make unaffordable payments and are driven to despair. If you are affected by this, ask your MP to raise with Amber Rudd and please let us know how you get on on Please support our work by sharing this post, liking our page, registering for free, becoming a member or making a donation online.
  • We spoke today to a law journalist from Malta. It's not that they don't have any problems to overcome, but enforcement of child arrangement orders is not one of them. It is a criminal offence not to comply with such contact orders. People get fined and at third offence imprisoned. Most people are not imprisoned as orders are generally obeyed.
  • LegalAid cuts have been indiscriminate and destructive. They have also fuelled false allegations as only accusers get help. Lack of access to justice is not justice. One side being represented and the other struggling alone is not justice. Failures to enforce orders is also a failure of justice. The system needs a complete redesign so fewer go to court in the first place. The incentives for conflict must stop and shared care must become the default. There are no prefect systems around the developed world, but few fail as badly as ours. It is good that a former minister is recognising that parents are giving up their fight for their children because of the lack of support offered - the government initiatives were always wholly inadequate. If you need help, please call our Helpline 0300 0300 363 or attend one of our local meetings. To support us, please follow us, share our posts, make a donation, register for free or become a member.
  • At FNF we hear many sad stories of children who won't be able to see their dads or, in some cases mums and often grandparents too. These stories increase in number and intensity at this time of year that we so strongly associate with family time and children. Inevitably, when things go wrong we think of what could have been, the joy, the laughter and fun. If you are seeing your children in the coming days, we hope you have a lovely time. If we helped you to achieve this outcome then please feel free to share your story with us (at If your children won't be seeing you in the coming days or weeks then please stay positive - your children need you to be healthy and be there for them for when they do see you or hear from you, so please try not to let your upset get in the way of putting them first. They need to know that both parents love them and that they, or at least one of them, warmly supports them having both their parents in their lives. If your children are not with you, perhaps write to them or if you can't then write to them and keep the letter - one day they may well be happy to know that they were in your thoughts all the time. Also, if you are alone, do contact friend and family and resolve to get help by calling our Helpline or attending one of our local meetings. You can also get involved by helping others next year by volunteering support at our branches, Helpline or national office. Whatever your situation, we wish you warm season’s greetings and a Happy New Year! We include here a video we shared last year created by Andy Remic. For those who are new or did not see it or anyone wanting to see it again. If you know anyone who is having a particularly difficult time please let them know you are there for them.If you are struggling yourself then do speak to Samaritans on freephone 116 123.

FNF HSSF Kite Mark Award

Families Need Fathers has been awarded the Help and Support for Separated Families Kite Mark which is a new UK government accreditation scheme for organisations offering help to separated families.

Families Need Fathers work with a range of family law professionals, including Family Law Panel


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