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International Conference on Shared Parenting - Boston

May 29-30 - Check it out - Book Now!

The National Parents Organization and the International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP) are running a conference in Boston. This conference is widely considered to include almost all of the leading currently active scholars in the world on the subject of optimal post-divorce parenting arrangements. Under the theme “Shared Parenting Research: A Watershed in Understanding Children’s Best Interest?”, these experts will present their research results and practical experience at this international and interdisciplinary conference. To view the preliminary scientific programme and speaker details click here.

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  • Yet another very sad case of the total failure of family justice. This father and the many thousands of others who turn to family courts for help, and their children, have once again not been served well. Those in charge need to step-up or hang their heads in shame. Please support us by liking this page, following us, sharing it, registering with us for free, making a donation or joining.
  • This case, started in 2017, may change things, but the elephant in the room is still the cost to businesses, especially small ones. In Sweden, the state (ie the taxpayer) covers much of the salary during parental leave of either parent (The Swedes are also cleverer with child support!). The result is a much more equitable system...
  • 96% Gender pay gap? In favour of women?? Surely not!! Well that's according to the Guardian who have just spelled it out loud and clear for us all. Obviously, we've been saying this for years, but it's great to see a consensus that men and women should be treated equally in the home and not just at work! Please Share and Like!
  • Parental leave is being discussed in a few minutes on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours. The government is concerned that people don't realise fathers can also take parental leave. So they are about to spend loadsamoney telling us again, instead of making the scheme workable and attractive. Same old. Here's how it works in Sweden, where they've done their homework and shared parenting is a fact of life, not a luxury or an ideal. It works in Sweden because they really do believe in gender equality over there! And yes, here's a funny article/video, because, let's face it, the way things are going, robots will soon also need parental leave and trade unions too!
  • Let's face it, to label a dad as a "single adult" after separation whilst mum is considered a "single parent" is patently absurd, regardless of how much time the child(ren) spend with each parent. The way the state dictates that all benefits and Child Maintenance go to the "parent" from the mere "adult" and the state is cruel - to the children and the so-called single adult. In this day and age of gender equality and elimination of pay gaps, that policy is as bad as if not worse than not having the vote! Another article - this time in the Huffington Post - and written by the Head of Comms at the Fatherhood Institute.
  • Further to the Daily Mail article below, here is another regarding the Fatherhood Institute report calling for a Government review of data collection on families by all publicly-funded bodies, which currently risk failing millions of children because they typically gather such weak information about fathers. Please remember to share and Like this post as widely as possible - it is crucial for the government to be pushed hard to gather proper statistics!

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Families Need Fathers has been awarded the Help and Support for Separated Families Kite Mark which is a new UK government accreditation scheme for organisations offering help to separated families.

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