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  • Male victims of violence need more access to support. Many don't come forward for fear of loss of access to their children. Family justice system still shows bias towards treating fathers as providers or as being sources of risk, rather than carers and protectors. If your experience reflects this story, tell your MP. If you are concerned about access to your children, please call our Helpline 0300 0300 363. Please support us by sharing, following, liking, registering for free, becoming a member or making a donation.
  • The BBC this week covers plans by the Children Family and Courts Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) to introduce a court pathway for parental alienation. Many of our readers will relate to the cartoon story included in the BBC coverage of this. The fact that over 90% of alienation is from fathers rather than mothers is not as important as that the issue is being raised by the BBC and Cafcass. The BBC felt obliged to have some 'balancing' comments from parties who prefer to see and hear no evil, but it is good that this story is being run. Families Need Fathers have been working towards Cafcass recognising parental alienation as the problem that it is for some time. Having accepted that it is nothing less than child abuse, they then recognised that it was necessary to have a plan to address is when it occurs. This article is based on Cafcass' delayed plan to start testing this autumn the new 'pathway' that they have been developing. FNF will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the new pathway and to provide Cafcass with further feedback. The BBC article includes an error as to the number of enforcement applications in 2013, which stood at 3,173 and not 1,400 as quotede. In fact it has gone up since and in 2017 stood at 6,832. Disgracefully, a mere 21 resulted in enforcement action. If anyone is and adult who was alienated as a child, please get in touch with us. The same if you are a parent who has had a reversal of residency of their children as a result of alienation. You can contact us on Facebook Messenger or at Please support us by sharing this post, liking it, following us, registering with us for free, becoming a member or making a donation.
  • Best Way to Split Retreat – 14th to 16th September 2018 Last minute booking opportunity. An FNF member has provided financial support to enable a number of our members/service users to book this course at half price! If you would like to attend this at half price then please register for the brochure by clicking the link below and email and let her know whether you are available for the full weekend and she will. No couples - this is 'me time'. The offer is subject to availability.
  • No-fault divorce is a welcome step, but it is far too optimistic to think that it will end 'the blame game'. For that to happen the whole adversarial family justice system needs to be scrapped, particularly when decisions relating to children are concerned. So too must other 'incentives' to commit perjury such as offering legal aid to those who make accusations of domestic abuse, but not to those so accused. Sir James Munby described this as one of the greatest 'vices' of the system. There are many other more serious deficiencies in family justice that need to be addressed if we are to repair a broken system that does more damage than good. Please support us by sharing, following, liking, registering for free on our website, joining or making a donation.
  • "the wrongfully accused is plunged into a ­dystopian nightmare where they know the truth but can only watch as the touch paper of the lie is set alight and starts to burn bright in the minds of everyone but those who know them well enough to ­disbelieve the claim" The Sun this week on CBB false allegations story. Please support us by following us, sharing, liking, registering for free on our website, joining or becoming a member. If the issues in this story affect you, please tell your MP and tell them that such abuse is as abusive and devastating as any other.
  • What happened in the Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) house has become mainstream news with good reason. If you have not heard the news, then the article in this link is one of many that will explain. Every week we hear from dads (and some mums) who have had monstrous allegations made against them, similar to the ones made by Roxanne Pallett (RP) in CBB house. We hear of dads whose ex-partners took the children and disappeared to a refuge because of their 'fear', just as RP sought refuge in a spare CBB bedroom. Then she sought to have Ryan Thomas chucked out - just as many seek to throw ex-partners out of family homes and then spread the story to friends so that they might take sides and reinforce their lies of deluded beliefs. Had she been successful Ryan Thomas would have had his career destroyed and relationships with family and friends, at best, frayed. Of course, anyone caught in a truly abusive situation needs support in getting out of danger. But when the allegations are grossly exaggerated or fabricated, it is the accused who is actually the victim. In the CBB house RP complained to Big Brother. Outside, in similar circumstances a complaint may have been the police or a family court if children were involved. In that situation, the target of such accusations would have had an injunctive order placed upon him preventing him from seeing his children for many months, sometimes a year or more whilst enquiries were made to ascertain his safety. In a family court RP's evidence, of having sought refuge etc, would have sufficed to be considered for legal aid, but the accused would not. If he could not afford counsel costing thousands of pounds he would need to enter the court arena alone, to face his ex's lawyer, to prove himself innocent - without the benefit of video evidence to show everyone exactly what had happened. . Then, months later, if the police drop their investigations without charge or the family court makes findings that the allegations were unfounded or malicious, there are usually no consequences to the accuser. Legal aid does not have to be repaid to the taxpayer. There is no fine, no criminal record. In fact there is usually no sanction at all beyond the wag of a judicial finger. All that is determined is that it is now safe for the child to have contact with their father (it Is that way round in over 90% of cases). By this time the actual victim will have been denigrated and painted to the young child to be a monster and someone to be hated. Consequently re-habilitation of the relationship becomes all but impossible without the help of experts in Parental Alienation, who are unavailable to most parents who find themselves in this situation. Often these once loving relationships are irreparably destroyed. Some commit suicide having lost their children, their homes and their jobs. The children, meanwhile, grow up without a father (or sometimes mother) in their lives. They grow up with false perceptions and are likely to become alienators themselves. In most cases there is no help for the child caught up in such a situation, nor for the accused and not even for the accuser, who will often repeat the cycle in their next relationship. If we don't want to continue to be at the bottom of the league of fatherlessness amongst developed nations we need to consider steps such as: - Sanctions for making false allegations - Court and police investigations in days or weeks not months - Don't offer legal aid to one side only - Make sure that safe contact is available pending inquiries - Have more safe spaces for men - Don't assume that only women are victims of abuse - Have a rebuttable presumption of shared parenting - Don't provide financial disincentives to shared parenting etc The parties involved in this dispute did not have children or even have an intimate relationship. Acrimonious separations are more likely to bring out inappropriate behaviours. Nevertheless, CBB has helped to expose the nature of the problems that we are often presented with. For that we thank them. Please support our work by liking, sharing and following us, by registering for free, making a donation or becoming a member. Also, if you have had a similar experience, please tell your MP about it.

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